SegWit2X Canceled, but I sold my SegWit2X Coin!

Email from Mike Belshe that confirmed SegWit2X canceled.

Tell me this is not part of the price manipulation master plan, this is not the first time we see stuff like this, news, event that trying to divide the Bitcoin community, bashing the price. Later the opposite kicks in, ban canceled, hard fork canceled. These dramas have been driving Bitcoin price up and down, but if you’re wise enough to analyze the beneficial from different parties, these don’t trouble you.

Segwit2x canceled

The mail from Mike Belshe has confirmed the SegWit2X cancelation for the reason lack of consensus. The mail was signed by other companies that supported the SegWit2X hard fork.

How am I profiting from this?

If you’ve been reading my previous post that shows how you can sell the SegWit2X coin prior to the event of the hard fork, congratulations! You should be able to pull off 16% more Bitcoin per each SegWit2X Bitcoin you’ve sold, which is $1,184 per Bitcoin! Although I did not sell every SegWit2X Bitcoin I could due to the trustability of Bitcoin exchanges, I did sell a portion of it, and I’m happy with the free money, LOL.


BT2 Futures on Bitfinex

The SegWit2X Futures namely BT2 has lost 98% of it’s value in less than a day since the news came out. That little bounce there could be someone that’s not yet getting the news yet or hoping for the revive of the hard fork? Anyway, when SegWit2X is canceled, it means BT2 will get you nothing once it expires, so you better sell it off if you’ve any left.